If you see someone collapse, it could be cardiac arrest.
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“Early Bystander CPR is the most effective intervention in cardiac arrest. By itself, it rarely brings someone back, but it makes it more likely that a defibrillation shock will be successful and maintains circulation to the brain allowing it to ultimately recover. Although we understand more of the details about the best way to do CPR, bystanders should always act since any CPR is better than no CPR. And remember, when you call 9-1-1 there is a coach on the other end of the phone to help if you need it while professional responders are on the way.”

— Dr. Jim Christenson

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What is an AED? (Automated External Defibrillator)

An AED is a portable, safe device anyone can use to restart the heart. It delivers an electric shock that starts a heart beating again. For some people, using an AED can seem intimidating because they don’t know how to use one and are afraid of doing harm. In fact, an AED can’t hurt anyone – it can only help. AEDs provide clear and simple voice instructions. While prior training will make the user more skilled and comfortable, people don’t need training to use an AED. The AED will only deliver a shock if one is needed.

To register your AED in BC, please visit: bcpadprogram.ca.

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